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In this video we play and dance a short story:
The women are angry. They think that the men took some money to go to a woman of easy virtue.
But the men fold their hands, assuring the women they only went on a pilgrimage.

De Pierewaaiers perform their dances in Oman

Pierewaaiers steal the show in Oman On Wednesday 3 March 2010 a delegation of the Pierewaaiers returned home from Oman, a country (sultanate) bordering on Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The Pierewaaiers were invited to represent the Netherlands at the event celebrating ‘Ten years of operational excellence’ of LNG OMAN (Liquefied Natural Gas). Among the guests were VIP’s, ministers and shareholders, including the Netherlands.

“We received the invitation just two weeks before the event”, says a representative of the dance group. “Only six people were allowed to come. We decided on two pairs of dancers and two of the band’s musicians. Two weeks of intensive rehearsing followed.” The entire group consists of seven to eight pairs of dancers accompanied by six musicians. The dance formations are based on this set up. In a short space of time the choreography needed to be adapted to dancing with just two pairs. The dances selected for the event in Oman were typical Dutch folk dances and were all performed on clogs.

Besides the Pierewaaiers there were other dance groups from Portugal, Korea, Japan, France and Oman itself. The performance took place on Monday evening 1 March in the palm garden of a five star graded hotel on a specially built stage in the shape of an Arabic castle. That evening the temperature remained 28 degrees Celsius combined with high humidity. “That was quite tough, especially so because we wear a thick costume consisting of several layers.” The audience was very taken with the Dutch contribution and charmed by the clog dances. It is not the first time the Pierewaaiers performed abroad: Syria, Denmark, Spain, France, England and Ireland to name a few. In October 2008 they had the honour of representing Nijmegen in its twin city Gaziantep, Turkey. What in Oman has struck them most? “It’s so very clean that it seems like everything has been vacuum cleaned. The buildings are all painted white and look as if they come straight out of a tale from ‘The Arabian Nights’. Any minute you expect Aladdin or Ali Baba to appear from behind one of the many turrets. So after all, fairy-tales do exist.”